Just how versatile are domains?

Supplementary material

[ DVI ]
  • Supplementary Figures: Number of occurences vs. number of neighbors for different domains (a separate plot for each domain).
  • Supplementary Table 1: Full results (tab separated table) columns: domain, dvi, dvi error, domain description
  • Comparison of different measures and domain age (tab separated table); NCO - number of cooccurences; NN- number of neighbors; NTRP - number of triplets ; N - number of occurences.
  • Comparison of DVI derived from different measures. The DVI has been calculated based on regression of [measure] over number of occurences, where [measure] is one of: NN (number of immediate neighbors), NCO (number of cooccurences) or NTRP (number of triplets). Columns:
    Column nameDescription
    G_nNumber of genomes
    lregDVI based on NN
    lerr,, ,, ,, -- error
    tlregDVI based on NTRP
    tlerr,, ,, ,, -- error
    clregDVI based on NCO
    clerr,, ,, ,, -- error
    Calculated correlation coefficients (all coefficients significant with p < 1e-15):
    lreg1.0 0.7 0.9
    clreg 1.0 0.6
    tlreg 1.0
  • Results for PFAM Clans
  • Archive containing the domain arrangements from 10,746 species in the XDOM format. File size: 46M; format: tar gzipped archive; contains 10,746 files.